EURUSD Technical Analysis: Bearish trend

EURUSD Technical Analysis The EUR/USD pair closed at $1.0705, where prices appear to be trading below most of the moving average intersections shown on the chart. The MACD indicator also indicates a negative trend and, accordingly, we can look to sell in the first session of this week, which is the Asian session, from falling to the price of $1.0690, and the target area could be $1.0666. It is also recommended to choose the $1.0736 area as a stop loss point to control risk.

EURUSD Technical Analysis: On the other hand

On the other hand, if the $1.0736 buy zone is broken, the euro price may head towards the $1.0752 level.


EURUSD Technical Analysis: resistance and support levels

  • Second resistance: 1.0711
  • First resistance: 1.0709
  • Pivot level: 1.0704
  • Second support: 1.0697
  • First support: 1.0695
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