The debate between Biden and Trump and Trump’s impact on international relations

A heated debate was held in Atlanta, Georgia, between Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate and the current president, and Donald Trump, the Republican candidate and former president of the United States. The debate was characterized by fierce dialogues, but insults and insults were at the forefront. When they entered the podium, he and Trump did not shake hands, and even insults and insults were exchanged forcefully. This behavior was noticeable Thursday night into Friday

The debate was not just an electoral event, but rather a heated battle that carried within it important future directions for the American nation, and it also plays a major role in determining the course of American policy and its place in the global scene. It comes as part of two debates that were agreed upon within the framework of the electoral campaigns in the presidential race.

In the debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, President Trump exchanged sharp remarks for Democratic candidate Biden. Some of the insults Biden was rehearsed include:

He described Trump as the worst president in the United States. These policies were aimed at discrediting the party and discrediting it as a leader.

He claimed that if there had been a real president he respected like Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russia would not have invaded Ukraine. These elements are important to illustrate their weakness while facing international challenges and their lack of necessity in foreign affairs. As a result, because he is responsible for the mismanagement, he takes responsibility for this poor performance. The most important of these elements is to show Biden’s weak leadership and global influence.

He called Trump a “corrupt Palestinian,” accusing him of bias in favor of the Israelis. These issues relate to foreign policy and regional issues.

Biden and his accusations against Trump

Biden said that the economy, which he described as “collapsed” during Trump’s term, was dealt with by creating new job opportunities. He added: “The middle class was suffering and we were facing problems with home prices, fuel prices, and prices of basic materials… When Trump left, there was chaos.”

According to Biden, Trump is responsible for the rise in the national debt, and he said: “The debt during his term was greater than any other period in the history of America, and he reduced taxes on the wealthy, and if they had provided twenty-four or twenty-five percent, we would have been able to obtain funds to eliminate the debt.” Strengthening the health care system and allowing Americans to help deal with many problems.”

On the other hand, Trump rejected Biden’s accusations against him regarding the economy, and said: “Reducing taxes on companies would have brought back hundreds of billions of dollars, and we began to pay off the debts. Then the pandemic came and we provided all the treatments.” Trump also accused Biden of destroying Social Security and health insurance, and described what Biden did in this regard as “criminal,” as he put it.

Abortion: The issue of abortion and the repeal of Roe v. Wade was a major focus of the debate, and the two sides’ points of view appeared to be very different. Former President Donald Trump strongly defended his position on repealing the law, and said: “Everyone wanted to return powers to the states, and what I did was that I appointed three to the Supreme Court who voted in favor of repealing this law and returning powers to the states, and every legal thinker wanted that.”

As for Biden, he defended a woman’s right to abortion, and rejected politicians’ interference in her health

Democrats after the debate: It is time for Biden to go

Democrats are extremely alarmed by President Joe Biden’s faltering performance in the presidential debate with former President and Republican candidate Donald Trump, and some are actively discussing what was not up for discussion, or what was not permissible to talk about, in the past, namely “the idea of ​​replacing him.”

Three people close to three potential Democratic presidential candidates said they were bombarded with text messages throughout the debate, while one adviser said they received appeals for their candidate to come forward as an alternative to Joe Biden, according to the Politico news site.

Another adviser said they took note of at least six major donors who texted that it was a “disaster” and indicated that the Democratic Party must do something, but acknowledged that “not much will be possible.” Biden is not stepping aside.

They were among more than 10 Democrats who spoke with Politico, most of whom were granted anonymity to speak freely.

A major Democratic donor and Biden supporter said it was time for the president to end his campaign.

This person called Biden’s night “the worst performance in history” and said Biden was “so bad that no one will pay attention to Trump’s lies.”

The donor added in a text message, “Biden needs to withdraw…there is no doubt about that,” and suggested two alternatives to Biden: the governors of Maryland and Michigan, Wes Moore and Gretchen Whitmer, respectively.

At least two potential leading 2028 contenders, Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker and California Gov. Gavin Newsom, said they stood by Biden even after his disappointing performance.

Another Biden supporter donor said, after the debate, that there is a need for Biden to step down, indicating that this may be out of the question, adding, “or he will die… otherwise we will lose.”

What are the possible effects of the on international relations?

Hypothetical destabilization: These statements may currently cause concern and lack of stability in the international community. It is considered the outbreak of World War III by the famous former President of the United States of America, and leads to modernity among countries and international organizations.

Impact on global financial markets: Trump regarding World War III may cause volatility in global financial markets. Concern about a large-scale military event could lead to a decline in financial markets and a decline in economic confidence.

Increased geopolitical interests: These statements can increase geopolitical interests between countries. It may involve clashes and skirmishes in hot spots around the world, which increases the risk of conflicts and military escalation.

Impact on relations: These statements could affect relations between countries at risk. It could lead to a deterioration in bilateral relations and a reduction in international cooperation in various sectors, such as e-commerce.

The impact of international trust in the United States: If the statements come from a former president of the United States, does it affect international trust in the United States as a global leader? International partners may look to these statements as confirming that global companies generally misrepresent US foreign policy and diminish their ability to rely on the United States as a strategic partner.

It is important to realize that these potential impacts are general and expected outcomes, and their impact may vary, as is involved in a third world war, according to the context and other international interactions at the time.