USOIL Technical Analysis: is an upward trend

USOIL Technical Analysis Oil price today, in the global oil market, the price is trading at the area of ​​$80.24 per barrel. According to technical analysis, the current trend indicates an upward trend with prices trading above the intersections of the moving average, and the MACD indicator also shows positive signals.

Accordingly, buying can rise to the price of 80.62, and we will target $81.18 per barrel as a profit-taking target. To ensure risk control, it is recommended to set a stop loss point at $79.20 per barrel.

USOIL Technical Analysis: On the other side

If the selling zone at 79.20 per barrel is broken, targeting the additional support level at $78.83 per barrel could be achieved.



USOIL Technical Analysis: resistance and support levels

  • Second resistance: 80.60
  • First resistance: 80.41
  • Pivot level: 80.22
  • First support: 80.03
  • Second support: 79.84
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