USDJPY Technical Analysis pair: an upward trend

American session: 7/3/2024

Introduction and overview

This report provides a technical analysis of the US dollar against the Japanese yen, focusing on trading strategies based on resistance and support levels. The pair is currently trading at the level of $161.90. Prices are trading below most moving average crossings, indicating an uptrend. The MACD indicator indicates a positive trend, which enhances the positive possibilities for the pair.

USDJPY Technical Analysis

Trading strategies based on Buy/Sell levels

USDJPY In case of buying in case of selling
trend Buy sell
Entry point 162.00 161.54
Target Point 1 (TP1) First resistance: 162.26 First support: 161.38
Target Point 2 (TP2) Second resistance: 162.48 Second support: 161.25
Stop Loss (SL) 161.54 162.00



These strategies depend on the price’s location relative to support and resistance levels and suggest the best ways to profit from price movements based on support and resistance indicators. Traders should carefully monitor these levels to identify appropriate opportunities to enter and exit the market, while maintaining appropriate risk management strategies to protect their investments.

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