Exclusive interview with Andrea Padiola Commercial Director Finance Magnates Group

Source: FXSTREET, 07/5/2024, Friday

Can you tell me about the upcoming FMPS and what is the motivation behind hosting this event in Sydney?

Australia is one of the most established regions in finance in the Asia-Pacific region, and we have always brought Australia to the rest of the world. We thought it was time to bring the fintech world to Australia.

The Finance Magnates Pacific Summit (FMPS) is the highest quality fintech event in the Asia-Pacific region, taking place from 27 to 29 August. Our team chose Sydney as the ideal location for this event due to the development and local industrial talent in Australia. We look forward to connecting a lot of brands and players from around the world with regional providers and brokers..

What are the main objectives of FMPS?

Given the landscape and our 13-year record of producing world-class events around the world, FMPS will be looking to bridge the B2B andB2C sides. Creating space for all the different players in the industry to shape and shape the direction of fintech in the Asia-Pacific (and Australia) region while opening up the best business opportunities is at the core of what we want to offer..

Can you clarify the target audience of FMPS and what sectors or industries will be represented throughout the event?

FMPS aims to attract several different types of industry participants. Look for well-known brands, as well as plenty of brokers, service providers, introducing brokers, and sophisticated traders on the site. FMPS will cater to the needs of online trading, fintech, and blockchain sectors. We expect more than 100 high-profile speakers, some of the most trusted brands, and over 1,000 high-profile participants to attend. weather output will reflect an invaluable opportunity for engagement, communication and networking.

You mentioned that FMPS will host some of the industry’s leading brands, can you mention a few who will attend or any prominent sponsorship?

FMPS will be highlighted by the biggest brands on both the B2B andB2C sides of the fintech industry. It starts with world-leading brokers such as Pepperstone, Saxo, AvaTrade, and Equiti, innovative technology providers such as B2Broker,OneZero,FxCubic,Match-Trade and many more. The summit will also serve as a hub for actionable insights, a future outlook for each sector, and an opportunity to showcase each other’s products.

What are some of the key topics that will be covered in FMPS?

FMPS revolves around content, as illustrated by a structured path of panels, workshops, sessions, and much more. Each of the above content will be explored at length, followed by prominent topics such as the future of financial services in the Asia-Pacific region, the impact of artificial intelligence within companies and in offerings to investors, a survey of the Australian fintech landscape and talent pool, and more, as outlined in the upcoming agenda..

What opportunities will be available to attendees at this event?

Networking and engagement opportunities are the most valuable connections built across FMevents. Starting with the official event app that will allow you to connect with other attendees to browse and schedule meetings, followed by Networking Blitz in August

Finance Magnats Events FZE | Address: 06-25, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai World Trade Centre, U.A.E.

On January 27, participants can start mingling with others and pave the way for the two full days following the exhibition..

The FMPS itself will include two full days of content, entertainment and much more, where golden connections can be made on the summit floor. Besides networking, all participants can expect to learn from experts and speakers, whether you’re an industry leader, a seasoned trader or just starting your trading journey..

FM events has established itself as a global force in events. Can you describe some of the past events hosted by your company?

Since 2012 when we started our first major event, Finance Magnates London Summit (FMLS), we have produced our signature high-quality events in Shanghai, Istanbul, Barcelona, Chile, South Africa and now in Sydney! Each of our events brings together the industry elite for an exclusive and memorable experience.

How can those interested or attending register for FMPS?

Signing up for FMPS is already straightforward and easier than ever. Interested individuals simply need to access the FMPS website to register and get their free permit. Online registration is only available for a limited time and offers many advantages, perhaps nothing is greater than skipping queues and waiting on site.